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Earmetrics  LLC  619 County Road 519, Belvidere NJ 07823


​Hearing Solutions

"Conserve your Ears !    Hear no evil ! "

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Earmetrics is committed to providing custom hearing solutions to fit any life style.  If  you are,  an aspriring  musician,  avid sportsman,  love to take off on the open road,  or just want a comfortable custom hearing system,  EarMetrics can help! 

      We provide state of the art options that help manage all your environmental  sound situations.  By managing excessive sound levels you will discover a reduction in stress,  fatigue,  and ear ringing caused by high impact sound events.  Additional audio filters,  speakers,  and digital electronics offer options to enhance what you need to hear and control damaging noise that effects your hearing.  

     Once the decision is made to purchase a custom hearing system,  you will wonder why you waited so long.  Always practice good hearing conservation and contact us today!"     

     "Robear"  Robert Beers

     New Jersey & Portland, OR.  Provider for E.A.R.Inc.